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PUBG New Event Announced


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Krafton, the immensely popular and successful battle royale developer, has recently announced a new PUBG New State tournament scheduled to run for six days, starting March 10. If you’ve been on the prowl for more details on the topic, you’ve come to the right place. You’re welcome to learn all there is to know about the upcoming event from this post. 

New State has been triumphant since the very launch, and that success allowed the team behind the project to host some major gaming events. From collaborations with other franchises and brands to a treasure trove of game modes, the content that New State has gotten is more than ample. 

The aforementioned New State Mobile’s most recent event stimulates the fans to participate in the tournament with their clans, hence the event’s name ‘Play With Your Clan’. The event allows video game aficionados to form clans for the purpose of boosting their team-playing possibilities and interact in between their gaming adventures. The participants will earn a multitude of in-game rewards.

As the ‘Play With Your Clan’ event participants, players are free to join clans and groups of other gaming fans via the integrated social system, while chatting and playing with each other along the way. The tournament will elevate that social system to a brand new level, motivating you to join your clanmates in the tournament, jam-packed with some top-notch rewards. If you overcome your rivals, you’ll get the chance of winning some hefty battle pass boosters, as well as multiple cosmetic items for your character. 

So, are you ready to fight against the best of the best within the fantastic battle royale’s upcoming event? Get the game and take action now! Make the most of the comment box below to share your thoughts on the topic. We appreciate your two cents greatly.

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