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Pokémon Unite Mobile Version to Launch


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Now the Pokemon fans can be sure of the Unite version launch. The Pokemon Company and TiMi Studio Group announced in June that the mobile game would be coming soon. However, they didn’t indicate the exact date. But it appeared recently, revealing that Pokémon Unite will be on the market on September 22. Also, pre-registration is available at Google App Store and Apple store. 

All the fans of the game have an opportunity to register now. Moreover, it’s not all the features the developers offer. If you make a pre-registration now, you will get some rewards with the game launch. Ensure to log into your account by October 31 to enjoy the benefits of pre-registration. We also know that if five million players register in advance, a special Holowear Festival Style will be available. 

Also, users can log in to the Nintendo Switch version of Pokemon Unite and get a special gift, which is a Zeraora Unite license. When logging in to the same account of the Pokemon Unite mobile version, you will be able to use this license too. 

The new playable Pokemons will appear in the Pokemon Unite version for Android and iOS. Be ready to meet Mamoswine and Sylveon. So, now the battle will be more exciting with the new characters. Other specs awaiting us in this game haven’t been noted yet. Since the game has reached a high rating with the Nintendo Switch version, it’s expected that the new mobile version will hit the records of players’ numbers. 

The free-to-play Pokemon Unite game launch is expected on September 22. It will be available for both Android and iOS. Pre-register now not to miss the unique rewards and the special Holowear Festival Style. Are you excited about the new game version launch? Don’t forget to share this news with other Pokemon fans if you have found this article useful.

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