Emily Irish

Outages and Frustrations: Twitch Experiences Its Second Technical Issue of the Week


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Twitch, the popular live-streaming service, has been experiencing outages for the second time this week, leaving creators and viewers alike in an exasperated state. On Thursday, around 3 PM EST, many live streamers were unexpectedly interrupted mid-stream. Twitch immediately acknowledged the disruption and tweeted that it was actively working on a resolution. 

However, Twitch’s status page showed that all systems were operational while viewers and creators were experiencing the issues. Some streamers were able to continue after the short outage, but others weren’t as lucky. This disruption comes just two days after an unexpected issue on January 3 that caused some creators’ channels to disappear, resulting in difficulty accessing followed channels on both desktop and mobile. 

The technical difficulties that Twitch has faced this past week were met with a lot of criticism from fans, leaving them feeling frustrated and helpless. They voiced their anger on social media, questioning why a well-known streaming service in the present day would experience such hiccups. In addition to these outages, Twitch also didn’t provide many details on the causes or resolutions. 

At the time of publishing, some affected streamers have been able to resume their streams following the Thursday incident, but Twitch has yet to come out with a statement on the matter, leaving users clueless as to when they should expect the issue to be fully resolved. 

All in all, Twitch’s second outage of the week has made viewers, and creators alike feel disappointed and agitated. The lack of information regarding the underlying issues and the resolution has only added to the frustration. Despite its seemingly operational status page, Twitch should still be more upfront with its communication, so users can better understand the situation.

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