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No More Losing Clips on TikTok


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App researcher Hammod Oh has suggested in a recent Tweet that TikTop appears to be testing a new feature titled “Watch History.” Its primary purpose is to let you track down clips that you’d like to revisit and/or share with your friends and family. This solves that problem that we have no doubt you are familiar with: you spend some time chilling out on TikTok, scrolling absent-mindedly, and you see a funny joke or a video really worth sharing. You tell yourself you should remember to share it with this or that person. The next time you come back to TikTok, however, you have serious trouble remembering who published the piece of content or how to find it.

In his tweet, Hammod Oh shows a screenshot from TikTok where you can see the Watch History feature is available. He explains that it lets you revisit your viewing history. This makes sense in the context of the above-lost clip issue since that could save you a lot of time trying to spot the right video at random. We all know how frustrating it can be when you can’t find a joke you’ve just referred to or a meme that you’ve just missed the absolutely perfect moment to share. With the Watch History Feature, you’ll still need to make some effort in order to find a specific clip; it’s no magic. It will very likely prove a timesaver if this happens often, though.

Presently, TikTok hasn’t commented on the new feature. There’s no official information as to what coverage we should expect or how long the test period is going to last. The fact that is has been witnessed as part of a test version, however, suggests that there’s a perceived demand for such solutions (that is to say, you are not alone!). Let’s share it in the comments: what was the last clip that you wanted so badly to go back to but never found? Maybe someone will recognize it and help you out!

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