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Next Big Naughty Dog Project May Not Be The Last Of Us Part 3


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With the success of The Last of Us, fans were expecting a sequel to be announced soon. However, Naughty Dog Co-President Neil Druckmann recently revealed that their next big title might not be the long-awaited third installment in the series. He noted that the studio is in a unique position that allows them to create whatever they are most excited about and explore different projects.

While Druckmann did not reveal what project is currently being worked on by Naughty Dog, he did acknowledge all the demands for The Last of Us Part 3. This is likely due to its popularity among gamers and its current relevance after being released for PlayStation 5 with improved visuals and faster loading times. It was also re-released with an expansion pack called "The Last of Us: Left Behind" which introduced two new characters into the game's world.

Despite all this anticipation, however, there is still no official word from Naughty Dog on whether or not The Last of Us Part 3 will actually be their next game or if something else entirely will take precedence instead. It could be anything – an entirely new IP developed from scratch or even other sequels, such as another Uncharted game or a Jak & Daxter reboot. At this point, it's anybody's guess, but one thing remains certain – we can expect great things from Naughty Dog regardless of what they decide to focus on next!

As far as when we can expect more information about their upcoming projects goes, Druckmann has stated that announcements won't likely come anytime soon since development has only just started. There are still plenty of hurdles yet to overcome before any kind of announcement can be made publically available. In addition to this – it was previously reported that some staff members had been moved away from other projects for them to focus solely on whatever mystery project might be in the works at Naughty Dog right now, so we can assume they want us to wait till they think it’s ready enough before giving us more details!


All in all, while we don't know exactly what project (or projects!) Naughty Dog may have up its sleeve right now – chances are going forward, we’ll see something completely unexpected coming out from them depending upon how much progress has been made behind closed doors! We just need a bit more patience until then.


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