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New Transfer Feature on WhatsApp Soon


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WhatsApp users can now transfer their chat history from one device to another only if they are both Android or iOS. Some applications allow you to send photos and files between different devices. However, WhatsApp is going to add the chat history transfer from iOS to Android. 

You will be able to use Google ‘Data Transfer Tool’ not only to copy images and documents from Android to iOS but also to transfer the WhatsApp history chat. All the text, video, and audio messages will be saved. So, now when you change your phone or need to send the chat history to another phone for some other reason, this tool will do it in a little time. 

One of the minuses in WhatsApp is that you can’t open it on two or more devices at the same time. You can use the web version when your phone is offline, but it’s still not the case. Users can’t communicate in WhatsApp from several phones, and for many people, it’s not always convenient. 

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That also means you can transfer the chat history and work on a second device only if both of them are iOS or Android. WhatsApp strives to make the service better, so it is preparing for the new tool announcement. Now there is an Android “Data Restore Tool,” which allows sending diverse files to iOS users. It was updated recently, and it gets ready for copying the WhatsApp chat history. 

When the feature is ready, you will be able to scan the QR code using your iPhone and start the chat transfer to the Android device. You should keep your phone unlocked until all the data is copied. Also, you don’t need to close WhatsApp for some time. 

WhatsApp might create cross-platform support in the future. Now, you can’t restore the chat history when choosing a new operating system. Nevertheless, the upcoming WhatsApp innovations might change this.

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