Oliver Mitchell

New Tinder Update: Hot Takes


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A new Tinder update will allow users to have a convo first before matching.

Tinder is testing new waters with its new features called Hot Takes and Swipe Night — both available in the Explore tab.

This tab begins a gamification stage, which Tinder is seemingly going through at the moment. To make things more intriguing, the app will challenge users to share their opinions.

This “game” will be available daily from 6 pm to midnight according to your local time. Daters will be offered quirky, a bit provocative and unusual questions about other romance-seekers in the Hot Takes.

After providing an answer, you’ll end up in a chat with a  user, if your opinions match. Like Snapchat, it’ll feature disappearing messages and if none texts anything during 30 seconds, it will automatically shut down. 

This is the first time in Tinder’s history, since 2012 — previously known as Matchbox — when users can actually parlay before liking each other. The feature will allow love-crusaders to learn if matching is worth it from the start.

Besides, you can now add short videos. In addition to looped animations, Tinder users can now upload 15-second vids, showcasing their personality in a more visual, flamboyant way.

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