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Never Mess with Super Mario: A Reinhardt Story in Overwatch 2


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With the recent release of Overwatch 2, gamers everywhere are reveling in the fast-paced action and impressive maneuvers that can be made in the game. However, one Overwatch 2 player found out the hard way that messing with Super Mario moves can have disastrous consequences.

The player in question, named Error0360, was attempting to push an enemy Reinhardt off of a ledge with the help of an Orisa, a move straight out of the Super Mario universe. However, Reinhardt had different plans. As soon as Orisa pushed him to the edge, he leaped into the air, causing Orisa to bump her head, leading her to tumble over the edge. 

Error0360's mishap quickly grabbed attention online, with the post reaching over 1,000 upvotes. Commenters had a field day, stating that the Orisa had been tricked by her own game or that Reinhardt was made for Super Smash Bros.

The incident serves as a reminder that, while Overwatch 2 is filled with thrilling opportunities to make impressive plays, one wrong move can easily reverse the situation. It is a lesson that all players need to take to heart in order to be successful; stay on your feet and keep your wits about you.

This goes to show that Overwatch 2 is a game full of surprises, with every play bringing a new opportunity for a player to shine. It is a great way for gamers to get a rush of adrenaline and push themselves to the limit. Error0360's mishap might have been a lesson learned the hard way, but it was an entertaining one, nonetheless. 

So, next time you're playing Overwatch 2 and feel like taking on Super Mario moves, remember that it might not end up in your favor. Error0360's story serves as a great reminder of the dangers of attempting ambitious plays and how quickly the tides of the game can turn.

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