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Musk Offers Political Neutrality on Twitter


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Elon Musk wants to make Twitter politically neutral to gain the trust of its users. According to him, there must not be any dominance of one particular thought. The popular social network has to upset the far-left and far-right in equal proportion.

The head of Tesla took control over the social network only several days before, and he wants to change the game for good. He demands political neutrality in order to make Twitter a trustable source. He expressed this thought on his official page. Only this Monday the sale of the whole Twitter company was confirmed. Musk spent $44 billion to buy it.

According to the new deal, Musk has to pay $54.20 for the share to every shareholder that has Twitter’s part. This way Musk removes every stock owner from the board and becomes the one and only owner of the company. Musk made the same offer in advance. It makes the 38 percent-plus over the original price of each stock.

Parag Agrawal, the CEO of Twitter confirmed that Twitter’s employees continue to work hard despite all the changes. He said that his own position remains the same, which is to make Twitter a better place. Meanwhile, Musk was vocally supported by many users and even the company’s workers. The ex microblogging CEO Jack Dorsey expressed his congratulations to Musk saying that this is the one person he trusts. He also said that he supports the decision of Elon to make Twitter a trustable place for users. Dorsey announced his resignation back in November 2021. Agarwal was quickly named as a replacement for Dorsey. It is still unclear whether Elon Musk is going to change the CEO or not. Many employees complained that they are not sure whether they still have their workplaces after Twitter’s sale.

What do you think about the new Twitter owner? Do you believe Twitter will win from this change? Express your thoughts in the comments.


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