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Meet Roberto: A Puzzle-Solving Pooch with a Penchant for Long Sticks


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Enter a delightful digital world where a small dog named Roberto is on a quest to carry around his favorite objects - sticks, canes, poles, and all sorts of lengthy, cylindrical items. The independent game developer Dead Pixel Tales brings us a charming, stress-free puzzle game where your role is to assist Roberto in navigating his way with these objects from one point to another. Say hello to "Stick to the Plan," a game that promises endless fun and innovative puzzle solving without causing brain fatigue.

In "Stick to the Plan," expect around 70 levels filled with enjoyable and eccentric problem-solving tasks, tailored more towards entertaining and surprising you rather than inducing a puzzling headache. As you traverse the game’s levels, the ambiance is set by a soothing environmental soundtrack, making for a tranquil and wholesome gaming experience. The game’s appeal is further enhanced with accessibility features such as bright outlines for Roberto and his prized sticks, ensuring optimal visual clarity regardless of screen size.

Painting an adorable dog's story are the illustrated comic introductions that precede each level, offering you not only a puzzle-solving journey but a vibrant narrative to follow as well. This feature acts as a fun little intermission between levels and adds a layer of charm to this already appealing game. The presentation of the story is nothing less than an endearing experience, something that sets this game apart from the rest.

If you find yourself curious and eager to join Roberto on his stick-carrying adventure, there is good news for you. "Stick to the Plan" is already out in the market, and the developers have been generous enough to release a demo free of cost. You can find this on popular platforms like Steam or For those already familiar with Dead Pixel Tales, you might recognize Roberto’s adventures from a concept they shared with fellow developers Rocket Raw, Naburo, and Delunado back in late 2022.

In conclusion, "Stick to the Plan" successfully intersects the world of cute dogs and exciting, relaxed puzzles all in one place. Its charming visual style, stories, and enjoyable puzzle-solving mechanics make it a gem within the independent gaming genre. Although it originated as a concept during a game jam in 2022, it has since been expanded into a fully-fledged, enjoyable, and accessible gaming experience. "Stick to the Plan" is a testament to how creative and engaging independent game development can be when it mixes fun, relaxation, and an infectiously charming protagonist like Roberto.

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