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Instagram Works on the Feature Notifying about App Problems


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Just recently, Instagram experienced a massive technical issue that prevented its users from accessing the app. Because of this incident, the company is currently testing a new feature that is designed to notify its users if there are any app problems or outages.
Instagram provided information about this feature in their blog post and mentioned that testing will take place in the United States and is planned to go on for several months.

At the beginning of October, Instagram had an outage that lasted six hours and during this time almost 3.5 billion users of the app couldn’t use the social media service. What is more, it was impossible to access not only Instagram but also Messenger and WhatsApp. This outage has been particularly worrisome for people who have businesses that are closely connected to the use of social media. Another feature that Instagram is working on is supposed to make it easier for users to see if their accounts may be potentially disabled.

There have been plenty of online jokes and memes floating around the Internet, in particular on Twitter, in regards to the crash of Instagram. But, it’s not just this situation that attracted a lot of attention to Instagram. The company is also dealing with the accusations of their former employee, Frances Haugen, who blames Instagram for focusing on gaining more profit instead of working on stopping hate speech and misinformation. Haugen has given documents to support the investigation held by the Wall Street Journal as well as the Senate hearing regarding the harm of Instagram to teenage girls.

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