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Instagram Continues Testing Multiple Links


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Meta has been testing the multiple-link option for Instagram profiles for the last year. The developers thought about the best format version in the platform’s back-end code. As recently became known, the feature is now available to some accounts as part of the final stage of testing.

Meta has not yet provided all details, and it is not known for whom this feature is available at the moment. Perhaps, you can also try multiple links in your Instagram profile bio. Although there are commonalities and the format is clear, the option is incomplete, and most likely, the developers will finalize the display with URLs before officially announcing the launch.

In the biography section during testing, the user sees the indicator 'and 3 others'. This means that one link is always shown, and the other 3 you can see in a pop-up window by clicking on the indicator. The developers will allow users to add links to almost every platform, including a Facebook account, a Facebook group, GitHub, Website, Tellonym, Twitter, TikTok, Ko-ti, and PayPal.

It is not yet clear what the maximum number of links will be available for adding because Meta representatives confirmed only the fact of testing and spoke about some details. In any case, this will allow users to increase traffic and develop their business or creative projects in the app.

Previously, using the Linktree service, which Instagram recommended to users, was also possible. It seems that the company plans to simplify the use of an account for business as much as possible and minimize the involvement of third-party tools. For Linktree, launching multiple links on Instagram is definitely not a good thing.
What other features do you think Instagram can add besides multiple links to attract more businesses?

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