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Google Turn-by-Turn Feature Changes


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Several years ago, a group of researchers found out that Google had been collecting the user’s location data. It happened even when the customer refused to give such permission. 
The service explained further that this information helped them make the maps more efficient and easier for people to use. It was said that this data remained anonymous, meaning nobody would know where you have been in recent times. 

Earlier, this fact had no influence on the work with maps. However, the new Google Maps version provides some changes in turn-by-turn navigation. Now, you should agree for your data to be collected, or you won’t be able to use the turn-by-turn function with the voice feedback. Every time you launch this feature, the service shows the message that your information will be used. You can’t disagree with that and continue working as usual. 

The data that Google wants to collect includes your route, GPS details, and some other things when you’re traveling by car. In addition, Google Maps uses sensors on your phone to provide the info in real-time. Actually, the company has done it earlier too but hid it. You will know when your information is gathered due to this new version. 

Google had collected more than 1 billion kilometers of drive by autumn 2020. Thanks to this, it was able to detect real-time traffic conditions and disruptions. Therefore, many users could find the fastest route possible. It appeared helpful, especially for car drivers. Besides, the service started to show the amount of time you need for a specific path more accurately. 

The company will continue improving its service with this feature. If you’re not OK with the fact that your data is being collected, you can try Google Maps alternatives. However, other applications may use the same principles. So, you better choose the instrument that is the most suitable and efficient for you

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