Oliver Mitchell

Google Play Games and Dashboard Integration


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A detailed review of your gaming experience is already available in Google Dashboard. However, after the annual summit for developers, the company decided to make an integration of Google Play Games and Dashboard. Now, you can open the tab and look through all your achievements and progress levels. There are many other features and tools you can find in Game Dashboard. These innovations will be available on Android 12. 

Besides, you can see your username with all the playing data and even leaderboards if the games support Play Games. The leaderboards are divided into sections. There are the highest scores in Classic, Arcade, and Levels Mode. In addition to all these features, you will also get access to several handy tools. Among them are a screen recorder, a one-tap Youtube streaming button, an FPS monitor, and a do-not-disturb toggle. 

When you open the Games Dashboard, you see the username and email address at the top of the tab. Your achievements are located below. Here you will find the ones you have already unlocked and the ones you will be able to unlock soon. The application collects information from all the games that are connected to Google Play Games. Therefore, it has become much simpler to see your progress in the game. 

If you make streams or don’t want to be disturbed during the playing session, this integration will be a great pleasure for you. When you open the dashboard, you will see the buttons with all functions that are possible to turn on during the game. This application is intended for the Android 12 Beta 4. However, even more games might appear in Google Play Games after this integration. 

At first sight, it might seem that this collaboration will only combine the Google Play Games and Dashboard. But actually, many new functions appear with this version of the tool. Now gamers can follow their achievements easier.

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