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Google Offers to Cut Weight Loss Ads


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Google decided to satisfy your request on cutting dating and weight-loss ads. You can hide them from your view. Google adds these two areas into a sensitive content category.

There are several categories on YouTube that will be considered sensitive. The beta version already has alcohol, dating, pregnancy and parenting, gambling, and weight loss there. You can always tap the button “See fewer” near each of these categories. This way you will notify YouTube officials that you don’t want to see ads in these categories. If you will need to find the specific content, these ads may appear in front of you. However, without the search, you will not see anything from the categories.

While users begin to complain about numerous inappropriate ads appearing in front of them, Google decided to act fast. The company includes new areas of sensitive content to the categories that can be limited. You can navigate these settings to stop seeing ads you don’t want to see. At first, these categories included only alcohol and gambling restrictions. Now Google wants to limit the ads on numerous sensitive subjects, including dating and weight loss.

Apart from YouTube, these settings will be available to everything inside the Google Display network. According to Google, the network includes over 2 million different apps, websites, and videos. The feature will be activated for each of them.

You can get inside the categories from the Ad Settings page. Find it and scroll down to the “Sensitive ad categories on YouTube.” There you will see all the categories you can cut. Press “See Fewer” on each of them and they will disappear from your view. You will still see the same number of ads. The old ones will be replaced by the new, ones from different categories.

Do you want to use this feature? Which content do you hate the most in the ads? Express your thoughts in the comments below.


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