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Google Messages Get a New Makeover


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Google has been working on a renovation of the design for its Google Messages. The interface is somewhat reminding of the Gmail-style drawer system that makes the organizing process much easier. The update has been rolled out for Android users that take part in the beta-testing program.

The trials have started not so long ago, and not many news reporters have noticed the changes at first. This redesign allows the appearance of the old-school menu that everyone probably remembers from Gmail. Previously, the messaging app had a little three-dot navigation in the top right corner, which is a bit uncomfortable to use. In the current beta-testing, the app features a hamburger menu.

The contents of the menu have remained the same: “Starred,” “Messages,” and “Spam & blocked.” Upon looking further, users can see device pairing options and themes at the bottom of the menu.

Currently, Messages have all these options in the three-dot menu, which can be problematic to navigate fast. It involves a lot of excess taping on small icons, and users try to avoid that experience. The new way of organizing messages is expected to be appealing and more user-friendly, and soon after beta-testing, the new design will see its launch.

It is an interesting choice for Google to bring out this design, since the company has been working on removing it from most of the other apps, for example, Google Play, and switching it with the tabs system.

Renovation of the Messages will also come along with the integration with Google Photos. The first news of it was reported back in November of last year. This update will allow users to exchange higher-quality videos.

Do you like the old-school menu more? What other apps can Google set up for re-working? Please, share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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