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Google Maps Improves Shared Location Icons


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Google Maps is doing its best to extend the services and improve those that users like the most. The last update comes with the new changes. The move was made to simplify the icons to match with the rest of Maps’ design concept.

You can use Google Maps in different ways, including as a navigation tool. Whenever you are in a new area, and you need to get somewhere, all you need to do is to type the name of your goal. However, for many users, Google Maps provide the unique ability to follow their family members and friends during their trips. You can track anyone who is willing to provide you access to their GPS contacts. Parents can finally relax, watching their kids on the maps. Yet, it does not always simple to open the service. The new update makes it even more comfortable to spy on others. Google Maps receives the updated icon on the main display.

Before the update, Maps had the icon of the white pin and the photo of the user you are watching. It looked like the old physical maps we were using in the past. You could even create specific markers on it. There were points you could highlight. The new icon was spotted recently. There are numerous old elements left untouched. However, the classic white border we are used to is disappearing. Instead, there are two options Google Maps offers. You can switch on the standard display with the friend's icons visible on the map and a detailed view. The detailed view provides a small pin under the image without white color pointing to the location.

The new update may not seem crucial in the first place. Yet, after some time you notice that the app is more aesthetic. You can add the avatar there whenever you want.
What do you think about the new icon? Have you already found the difference? Express your thoughts in the comments below.

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