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Google Illustrations Offers You Advanced Profile Picture


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There is a new feature for everyone who wants to improve their profile avatar in Google. Google Illustrations offer a safe and simple way to create your personal image. There are hundreds of new art options in the library. You may change the color or edit a picture. This feature can be used by Android owners of Gmail. In the upcoming months, it will be available for other services of Google as well.

If you are an experienced Google user, you might have uploaded a photo as your profile picture. Google allowed clients to use their own images for years. However, the new service named Google Illustrations offers you to pick the already made piece of art. You don’t need to share your photo with everyone around the web. Now you can pick one of the pictures available in the gigantic library and personalize it.

According to Google officials, the new feature was created not only as a way to underline your unique personality. Some users might find it safer to have good old avatars instead of their photos. If you still want to stand out from the crowd, you can change the colors or add the background to these images.

The owners of the Gmail app on Android are able to check out the new services before others. You can enter your account and find the “Add Profile Picture” button there. In the next few months, the owners of other services from Google with avatars will be able to change their profile pictures to the customized new ones. Google is currently working on providing similar services to the owners of their accounts on the iOS platform. However, there is no exact date of the release. Apart from that, Google plans to extend its library in Google Illustration.

If you have tried the new feature, please share your thoughts in the comments. Do you like new images? Have you customized the avatar?

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