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Google Ends Support for Android Auto for Phone Screens


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The latest news from Google has caused disappointment among old car owners. The fact is that the company will soon stop supporting the Android Auto for Phone Screens service, focusing on developing newer versions. Thanks to a simplified interface, this solution made it possible to use smartphones as safely as possible while driving old cars.

It was ideal for those whose vehicle is not equipped with a modern interactive control panel. Users bitterly joke they have to buy a new car just to continue using the service from Google. The end of support message appears on the device screens, but the company has not yet given an official explanation of when exactly it will happen. So we are waiting for information from Google representatives.

The developers work on a newer version of this solution, which, however, is not without flaws. The first beta testers have already reported trouble setting up their wireless connection. While the service works okay when connected directly to the car, an error occurs when connecting wirelessly. It is probably because the developers are working on a new connection format. Such messages are part of an important testing process.

It is reported that the new version of Android Auto, in addition to the wireless connection, will receive a new interface with media, navigation, and communication features combined on one screen. Google Assistant will offer contextual clues and music recommendations, making driving even safer. By the way, the last update of the service was also quite impressive. The developers have improved the app responsiveness and have become more efficient in using various infotainment panel sizes.

If this news has affected you, please share your thoughts. Do you plan to continue using Android Auto by purchasing a new Android-compatible head unit?

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