Emily Irish

Google Earth Gets Updated


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Google has shared joyful news with Google Earth fans. The company revealed that the project is going to receive the biggest update since 2017. Now it offers you a time-lapse mode with 24 million photos made by satellite for the last 37 years. If you don’t remember much about this once innovative product from Google, it is time to refresh your knowledge.

In 2017 this project was redesigned to meet users’ demands back then. And until now it stayed the same. A few years back, the time-lapses from Google Earth were somewhat renewed and launched in 2D on a dedicated website. Now Google offers them in 3D. You can see how the Earth changes in five minutes, which is great if you love nature, and less great if you don’t want to see melting glaciers or disappearing rainforests.

Google Earth is a project of Google, released in 2001. It contains satellite images of the earth. They are made in high quality, and now, as it’s been mentioned, can be seen in 3D. Users may see the landscapes of various areas from different angles. You may explore your own neighborhood by entering the coordinates in a search field. The app is available on Android and iOS mobile platforms, as well as on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

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