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Google Classroom Comes Offline


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Classroom students can download material for their classes to later access them offline. At the event called Google for India developers shared the new plans for their products, including Google Search, and Google Assistant. There are two new features that will be released on Google Classroom.

The major feature that comes to the Google Classroom is the ability to reach material even if you are offline. To do this, users have to download the content in advance on their devices. Before that, students had to stay connected to the Internet to be able to study. They still need the Internet to download the material they need. After that, they can learn anywhere they are. Apart from that, students can pick and download numerous homework pictures via the app of Google Classroom.

Google Classroom is a free educational platform that helps teachers to teach their students. This platform became a lifesaver during the pandemic when all offline classes were turned into online. Students don’t have to stay at school to be able to learn via Google Classroom. There are lots of benefits of this platform, including its integration with Google Calendar, Google Docs, Gmail, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. This way students and teachers can work directly in the app without the need to search for additional third parties to provide homework or to send test results. Communication between students and teachers also happens in Google Classroom.

During the event, Google officials also shared the plans to work together with CBSE and the local Delhi government. They plan to train 550k teachers to use digitalization in their work. According to Google it will significantly improve teachers’ possibilities and affect the quality of education. They will also collaborate with FICCI Arise to implement this initiative in life.

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