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Google Chrome Will Become a Shopping Advisor


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Google's browser will be able to alert you whenever prices for a certain product dip. If it’s on your wishlist, of course.

Google Chrome will take care of your shopping now. It can do a good job when it comes to price fluctuations — the browser will alert you every time it lowers. The feature is called Track Prices. With it, you won’t need to “raid” online stores anymore, over and over. The feature will notify you if the stuff you desire has become cheaper, right in the open tabs.

The info will be absorbed from your Google search requests, as well as your preferred shops and boutiques. For instance, if you search for a vintage keyboard, set of earbuds, or a decorative magnolia tree, Chrome will remember that info. Then it will go into the live tracking mode. What’s also cool, it’s capable of tracking multiple products. So, if there’s a caboodle of stuff that you want to buy — this feature will come in handy.

Another lifehack to make your shopping easier is to use Google Lens. This app turns your phone camera into a magic lens that knows everything about everything. To learn more about an item — its name, country of origin, practical usage, components — you simply need to open Google Lens and aim the camera at the thingy in question.

In Google’s own words:

From the address bar, tap the Lens icon and start searching with your camera

And finally, Chrome can secure all of your e-store accounts. With its integrated account manager. To make purchasing faster, it will also suggest Autofill, which will type in your name, card credentials, etc. So far, all these features are available for Android only. iOS crowd will join a few weeks later.

If you’re planning to save some pennies this season, Google Chrome can be helpful. Have you tried its latest features yet? Share your opinion with us!

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