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Google Checks New Display Panel for Twitter


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The tweet display panel that appears in search results was recently tested by Google. Apparently, it will be called Popular on Twitter, and provide users with quick updates on the new trends. You don’t even need to go to Twitter to read the most popular news and comments.

Google is trying a new approach to the information released on its search page. It adds the tweets popular on the subject that the user is searching for now. The panel that appears under the website and the classic description of the page you are about to visit also contain Popular Twitter information. It stands below the description and reveals the most topic-related options for you.

The first screenshot was made by the SEO analytic Shay Harel. It contains the image of the standard search results page we all are familiar with. Under the link to the website with the appropriate content, there is a panel that shows tweets that also match the search. You may use this new information for your benefit, extending the sources. Pay attention that the tweets the AI gathers are the most trending, and you may still need to dig deeper using the appropriate words on Twitter if you want to get more information.

It is not surprising that Google decided to add the results from Twitter. This social network has been used in the search results for quite some time. It has revealed links to Twitter’s pages in SERPs for some time. Yet, only now have these pages with information become more visible to a wide audience extending the possible amount of data you can receive on the specific topic you are searching for. The new extra panel may be a symbol of the new era where social networks finally started to be recognized as sources of information.

What do you think about the new panel on Google? Do you think it will be helpful? Explain your thoughts in the comments below.

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