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Gmail Adds a Feature That Allows You to Pause Email Notifications


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It’s very useful to have notifications on your mobile device as they can keep you up to date, but sometimes they can be distracting. With the number of apps on our devices and most of them sending in notifications, it’s hard to focus on a task, and the earlier introduction of a notification management system on Android was one of the ways the operating system pulled ahead of iOS. Now Google has released a new feature to help reduce the clutter and distraction on your mobile device, especially when it comes to your emails. While accessing your Gmail account from your computer or laptop, you can opt to not receive notifications for the time being. 

This feature was first made available back in February, albeit in a limited way. But Google seems to be accelerating the rollout now. It seems the first release was like a test, and it appears the feature has found some favor in the public eye. Most users have reportedly discovered the feature recently. If you decide to use this new feature, however, you will be required to give Gmail access to track your device usage. Currently, Gmail doesn’t have the option to disable this usage data tracking feature, but you can still control its access via your phone’s settings.

Go to settings Scroll to security and privacy and tap on it. Go to site settings Tap on additional permissions and choose if you want to give access to Gmail. 

As Gmail isn’t currently offering a way to manually control this feature, you’ll have to wait until it is offered. Still, it appears Google has ramped up the rollout of the new feature to more accounts. We assume they plan to make its addition official sometime soon. 

Have you seen this new feature in your Gmail account? What are your thoughts on it? Please share them with us in the comments section below.

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