Oliver Mitchell

Glimpses of the Anticipated Valheim Expansion Ashlands Released by Iron Gate


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Valheim keeps expanding, but behind closed doors. The much anticipated major expansion, Ashlands, is still months out. Nevertheless, with summer at our rear view and Hildir's Request mini-update freshly introduced, Iron Gate takes this moment to offer some insight into the new fearsome enemies we're set to encounter. In particular, we're introduced to the Bonemaw Serpent and an entity known as the Charred, ashen equivalents to the fearsome grey dwarves of the Black Forest.

Previously, our focus centered quite a bit on the landscape. We've even recently shared another landscape image across social platforms. However, this time around, the spotlight is on the inhabitants of Ashlands. As we've often stated, game development is a circular process with aspects often undergoing amendments. For instance, we've redesigned the Bonemaw Serpent, a creature residing in the surrounding seas of the biome. Be sure to stay alert for those deadly spikes when sailing!

Additionally, we perceived a certain type of enemy to be missing. We often turn to the Black Forest for encouragement when feeling uninspired, and this situation was no exception. We've incorporated certain traits from the grey dwarfs, leading to the introduction of this subclass known as the Charred, who now make up a significant part of Ashlands' population.

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