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Fortnite Might Have Another Iron Man Skin


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There are various kinds of leaks associated with Fortnite, which only fuel the audience’s interest. Some days ago, information was received that a new Iron Man skin related to Marvel: Zero War comics could appear in the game. In less than a week, this themed set was actually added to the game!

It is the second time Marvel and Fortnite have arranged a full-scale collaboration. As part of the second era of interaction between these giants, their joint comic came out in the summer. At the end of September, a new large set of cosmetic items appeared in the game with the themed weapons, loading screen, “Iron Man Zero” skin, and emoji. The user iFireMonkey was the first to tell about this update on their Twitter. The leak they discovered turned out to be true and accurate, which proves once again that experienced Fortnite data miners can be trusted.

Like many other rare themed items, this skin is not easy to get. You need to be sure to read all the published volumes of the comic, as well as activate the five secret codes hidden inside. You can do it now because the set is available from September 28th. The developers did not specify the expiration date of the promotion. Suppose you are ready to spend your precious V-Bucks and want to go the easier route, head to the in-game store and buy the items you need. The appearance of Iron Man Zero and related cosmetic accessories indicates that the release of the comics is over, and it is likely that the plot of these issues has indeed come to its logical conclusion.

Given the popularity of the first Marvel collaboration and the emergence of the second era of this epic crossover, it is quite possible that we will see the third part shortly. Did you manage to read all the comics? Or did you purchase a new skin with in-game money? Which comic book character would you like to see next?

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