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Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 First Update: Exciting New Changes and Additions


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Fortnite fans can finally celebrate as the long-anticipated update 28.10 for Chapter 5 Season 1 has been deployed. This update marks the first substantial influx of new content since the season began, introducing novel ways to play the game through alterations to the standard Battle Royale experience and the launch of three innovative game modes: LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and Fortnite Festival.

Unveiling Update 28.10: Enhancements Across the Board

Released on January 23, 2023, update 28.10 ended its downtime period and opened the gates to eager players ready to dive back into action.

Battle Pass Extravagance & Weekly Quests Unwrapped

The most recent update unveils Battle Pass super level styles for select skins that diligent players who've amassed all Bonus Rewards can now obtain. Investing 25 Battle Stars after reaching level 150 enables them to unlock subsequent tiers, culminating at level 200. The available styles, named Expressionist, Prismatic Terazzo, and Glasswork, add an artistic flair to five Battle Pass outfits, while characters such as Peter Griffin and Underground Jones aren't included in this roll-out.

Accompanying the update is a fresh batch of Week 8 Weekly Quests. Completing these tasks brings players closer to earning exclusive Quest Rewards, such as the eagerly anticipated Petercopter glider, among others, provided they own the Battle Pass.

A Legendary Soldier Makes His Debut

Fortnite's newest addition to the character roster includes the iconic Solid Snake, whose skin and additional style are now attainable by completing a series of themed quests. The Solid Snake set pays homage to the Metal Gear Solid series with recognizable in-game nods to its universe.

A Medley of New Skins and Tailored Creations

The item shop prepares to welcome ten new skins, found within the game files, featuring a character such as Raiden from the Metal Gear Solid series and a TMNT collaboration that brings the villainous Shredder to the forefront alongside an alleged Pizza Party consumable item.

Crew Pack February Fiesta

The monthly Fortnite Crew Pack is out with a fresh offering, presenting the Lana Llane skin with six alternative styles. Subscribers can embrace this new look while also collecting 1,000 V-Bucks and this season's Battle Pass.

Terrain Transforms and Weapon Reemergence

The island's landscape has witnessed a transformation as the winter snow introduced by Winterfest 2023 starts to melt away, revealing the altered POIs beneath.

Moreover, the vault has been reopened for the Anvil Rocket Launcher, which is now found on the ground or purchaseable from Mecha Team Shadow.

LEGO Fortnite Builds on Its Bases

After its debut in December 2023, LEGO Fortnite finally receives an update bringing Launch Pads into the mix alongside a flurry of game improvements. Additionally, new LEGO skin styles have joined the game, reflecting a vibrant shift in appearance in both the locker and the Item Shop.

Rocket Racing Revamp and Festival Finesse

Rocket Racing injects a fresh dose of excitement with the introduction of Drift Smoke, obtainable through Season Zero Tune-Up quests or the Item Shop. On top of that, Fortnite Festival has rolled out fixes and enhancements, including new Jam Tracks for Lobby Music pieces and gameplay refinements.

Gameplay Goes Under the Knife

With the intent to balance the arsenal, developers have buffed the Enforcer AR, dialed back the Reaper Sniper Rifle's dominance, and honed the accuracy of the Hyper SMG. Additionally, in response to gameplay pacing feedback, storm circle speed, sprint speed, and Energy regeneration have reverted to Chapter 4 levels.

Assorted Tweaks and Fixes

Among other improvements, developers have corrected an elimination glitch at Snooty Steppes, fine-tuned the issue of errant crosshair movements, introduced an adjustable FOV Slider, and resolved synchronous emote confusion among players. Note that the new EMP Stealth Camo, Cardboard Boxes, and Anvil Rocket Launcher are not slated for inclusion in competitive tournaments.


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