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Former GTA 5 Developer Astonished by Game's VR Transformation


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Bela Kampis, who once served as a 3D Programmer for GTA 5, recently expressed astonishment over a VR-enhanced version of the game using the NaturalVision Remastered mod. This mod, created by Razed Mods, significantly enhances the game's environmental visuals and textures, bringing a new level of realism to the 2013 title.

After viewing a gameplay clip showcasing this mod combined with VR technology, Kampis said, Wow, I barely recognize the game I worked so hard on. Their reaction underscores the profound impact that VR and sophisticated mods can have on gaming experiences.

Kampis also disclosed that their decision to leave Rockstar Games was influenced not only by the company's disinterest in pursuing VR technology but also by a directional shift in projects, that did not align with their passions. Instead of continuing with urban and vehicle-centric games like GTA 5, they were being steered towards projects like Red Dead Redemption 2, which focused more on historical narrative and natural environments, Kampis explained.

Despite the absence of official VR support from Rockstar, the modding community continues to innovate, bringing VR capabilities to GTA 5 independently. However, challenges persist, as seen in 2022 when a prominent modder faced DMCA issues from Take-Two Interactive for their VR mods.

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