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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Offers Rewards for Its Birthday


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The game has reached its 6th anniversary. Developers of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius decided to celebrate the event with more presents to its fans. Gamers will be able to receive unique awards and new summons totally free of charge.

The Final Fantasy series is one of the major legends among RPGs. It has survived for many years, creating more and more games in the series. Currently, there are games for each platform that exists. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a mobile RPG that became quickly popular after its release six years ago. Now developers welcome all gamers to celebrate the event with them. They provide a series of activities inside the game.

During the last 6 years, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius was downloaded more than 45 million times. Its characters quickly become trendy. Fans are expecting to receive more rewards, access to unique content during the celebrations, and the ability to enter even more unique challenges. There will be a series of events until August 24. Players expect to see over 12 000 Lapis and Master’s Crown, 6th Anniversary Emblem, and Summon Ticket, among the exclusive presents. There are “fresh off the boat” Limit Bursts. The game developers revealed that there would be Paladin Sylvie and Walk that would join the celebration. Both of them will have unique Neo Vision Step-Up Summons, which you definitely don’t want to miss. After August 3 you will not be able to see it again. Apart from that, there are 480 different units for free released evenly for the next 8 weeks until the end of the celebration. Every week developers will offer 60 summons for players.

Are you excited to take part in the celebration of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius's 6th anniversary? What is your favorite part of the series? Express your thoughts in the comments below.

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