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Fans Ask for More After Genshin Impact Short Anime


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The short anime clip released by Genshin Impact developers only made fans impatient. They ask for a full series based on the game. With the outstanding graphics and attention to game details, these demands are quite understandable.

Now, fans around the world receive a chance to see what the series based on their favorite game may look like. Now they demand more! The free-to-play game is on its pick of popularity. Millions of fans spend the money on gacha pulls to support the game. It looks like they are ready to support the new series as well.

The new anime was made by Magic Anime Team. The company just gathered the pieces of the game and dedicated their short film to the Hu Tao. They concentrated their attention on the back story of our favorite heroine. The video quickly received millions of views. Now fans are asking for more. They want to see the real anime based on the game.

We are not surprised to find the smooth transition between beloved games and anime. The game has its anime charm, and it is not a secret to anyone. The characters and the maps look like they came right from anime series. So, anime developers don’t have to work hard on turning the characters of the game into anime heroes. Without a doubt, miHoYo, Chinese-based developers of Genshin Impact, is considering this possibility. We can’t ignore the fact that there is a manga webtoon based on the game. Now, we can just relax and wait until we receive the best anime based on our favorite game. While we are waiting, we can re-watch Hu Tao's story made by Magic Anime Team. The short anime is available on the official channel of the anime developer on YouTube.

What do you think about the possibility of seeing a fully designed series based on Genshin Impact? Do you like this idea? You can express your thoughts in the comments below. 

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