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Fallout London Mod's Release Pushed to 2024 to Ensure Top-Quality Experience


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The development team behind the expansive mod for Fallout 4, known as Fallout London, has announced a revised launch date set for April 23, 2024. This adjustment comes shortly after news of the highly anticipated Prime Video's Fallout show, aiming to capitalize on the buzz generated by the series.

Originally slated for a release in the third quarter of 2023, the project was pushed back to the final quarter. Despite this, Team FOLON felt the need for additional time to ensure the mod meets their strict standards. In an effort to satiate fans, they've unveiled a 13-minute video offering a thorough preview of what the mod will entail, exciting potential players about what's in store.

In a narrative explanation on social media, the team shared that while their content is complete per their original timeline, they've realized their testing process needs to be more comprehensive. The scripting team, crucial to the mod's creation, has faced setbacks due to some members being in a region currently experiencing conflict. This affected their focus and productivity, leading to the delay. Through restructuring and training within the team, they've managed to make progress, but not without impacting the testing phase.

The team has stressed their dedication to delivering a polished and high-quality experience for players on the first release, aiming to avoid any issues that have marred other community or industry projects recently. They decided to prioritize caution and chose to delay the release. This new release date not only allows them ample time for thorough testing but also coincides with the excitement building around the Fallout television series, possibly creating a synergistic effect for the Fallout community.

Additionally, FOLON has commented on the upcoming Fallout 4 next-gen update planned for 2024. They clarified that they currently have no intention to launch Fallout London on the upcoming patched version of the game, given that the extent and nature of the changes Bethesda might implement are unknown. Nevertheless, they affirmed their commitment to deliver the mod as promptly as possible on the rescheduled date.

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