Oliver Mitchell

Facebook Tests Venmo-like QR for P2P Payments


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Facebook has officially confirmed that it’s testing a QR code option for the coming Facebook Pay update. The new feature will allow US citizens to transfer and request money within the network. The new feature will function similarly to the Venmo QR code payment feature. It allows users to scan the QR codes of their friends with their cameras to request or send cash. It will also be possible to share payment links outside Facebook. 

Facebook has already confirmed that the feature is about to launch, but it will be only in terms of a US-only test run. The users who want to access the feature via the Messenger app must be 18+ y.o. and have a valid PayPal account or a Visa/Mastercard debit card. There’s also a list of supported governmental and prepaid cards. Currently, the feature isn’t connected to Facebook’s Novi crypto wallet, but there’s no doubt that the feature reaches cryptocurrencies as soon as it’s well-tested by US users. 

Unfortunately, Facebook refused to provide more information on the testing process. Would you like to have this Venmo0like feature within the Facebook online ecosystem? Isn’t it overloaded with features already? Share the news and join the conversation in the comments section below.

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