Oliver Mitchell

Facebook & Instagram Won’t Allow Like Count Hiding


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Facebook has started rolling out the new “No Like” option on both Facebook and Instagram platforms. The new option was designed based on the results of two-year testing that showed how different users feel about likes under their posts. The company figured out that some users need to hide the likes on their own posts to escape negative emotions when not receiving not enough likes to be considered popular. Another category of users wishes to hide the like counts of other users to eliminate it as a source of unnecessary distraction. 

Now both types of users can hide like counts under their own posts and under the posts of other people anytime. This simple option lets users hide the likes for any purpose, while the platform doesn’t have to remove the like option completely and cut creators from monetizing their hard-earned likes. Facebook admits that the new feature will have an effect on user behavior, but it won’t concern the company too much. 

What do you think about the new option? Does it satisfy your need to reduce anxiety about likes under your posts and the posts of other users? Share the news with friends and join the discussion in the comments below.

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