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Discord Offers New Messaging Feature


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The new Discord service allows users to send messages to everyone via voice channels. The text feature may quickly become popular among users. It is considered an alternative for chatting. The new service will be free of charge and available to everyone on the voice channels.
There is a new text option available in the voice channel of Discord. Using this service you can exchange messages with each other and even send links you want to share with your friends. The conversation may happen via the voice channels, however, it will be texting one. Users will be able to use it even outside the channel. It is free of charge for companies and every server in the world.
Discord made the announcement of the feature only a few days ago. They offer their users to exchange messages and share information with each other. Apart from texts and links users can send stickers, emojis, and GIFs. While you are in the voice channel you will be able to create the message inside the chat bubble. Users can see the previews of the message that was sent on the right upper corner of the home page of the app. You can read the chat by clicking on it. Once the member of your voice channel posts something you will see it and will be able to join the chat in no time. Apart from that, you may check out the messages from other participants without getting into the call.
According to Discord officials, users will be able to get access to the text chat automatically. Non-community servers can do it using the Server Settings. Community servers can join the message exchange whenever they want. All the servers will have the chat feature enabled by default by June 29.
What do you think about the new feature offered by Discord? Will you use it in the future? Express your opinion about it in the comments below.


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