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Cross-Play Announced between Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft


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The three console giants, namely Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft, have announced a cross-platform mascot fighting game that might bridge any remaining gaps between the companies. Unfortunately, we don’t have many details as of now. The companies have been somewhat taciturn when it comes to their new developments, teasing the public with promises of more information to be provided “soon,” whatever this might mean. Yet, a number of characters have been confirmed officially, as well as further details on how the fighter will work and what kind of characters to expect.

Developed by Sora Ltd. and Bandai Namco, Cross-Play will most probably resemble Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to this or that extent. Initially released back in 2018, the title saw its most recent DLC last year. We do expect to see a lot changed since that time, though, although we hardly have much information apart from what kind of characters you’ll find in the game. Kratos, Master Chief, and Samus Aran have been confirmed to appear in Cross-Play. The list is far from being exhaustive, with many players hoping to encounter Spyro the Dragon, Blinx the Cat, or Lemmings. The promise has been made that third-party characters will appear in the game.

This being said, all we can do as of now is keep our fingers crossed till we get more information from any of the three companies. if you think of the time just a decade ago when Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft were rivaling only, it seems impossible that they have been cooperating on a common project. This surely takes cooperation and compatibility between different manufacturers’ consoles to a whole new level. Do you feel like Cross-Play is going to be engaging and entertaining? If not, what downsides would you expect? Leave a reply to share your opinion.

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