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Create a Playlist From Music in Queue: New YouTube Music Feature


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Many valuable elements from what was previously known as Google Play Music have been adopted by YouTube Music over time. And it seems that they will continue along this path in the future. It is rumored that YouTube Music will be adopting another popular Google Play Music feature that will allow you to easily save the music from your queue to a playlist. 

YouTube Music is expected to introduce a new "save" option in the app that allows you to store your music queue. While listening to a playlist or an album, you will see an “Up Next” tab for the next song on the bottom left corner of the "Now Playing" screen. 

The new save button can be found on the Up Next tab, and it allows users to store the whole music queue as a playlist using only a few taps. Tapping on the "save" button makes the "Add to playlist" popup appears, enabling you to save the queue to a current playlist or a new one. Radio queues should also be supported by this functionality.

This new feature is still in its early stages. Most likely, this was a server-side rollout, since it wasn't accessible in the latest version of YouTube Music. We'll be sure to let you know when this functionality becomes available to a larger number of people. 

YouTube Music has gained a new widget that allows you to use playing controls and recent music without having to leave your home screen. Also, the app now has an “Energize mood filter” that will brighten your mood and provide the oh-so-needed motivation when you need it most.

A couple of other updates that we would like to mention include the free background playback that is now accessible in some parts of the world, a Material You widget, and playlists created by the community.

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