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Cliff Bleszinski's Call To Revive Lawbreakers


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Veteran game designer Cliff ‘CliffyB’ Bleszinksi, most famous for his work on the 'Gears of War' series, has made a call to publisher Nexon to discuss the potential revival of his first-person shooter LawBreakers. Developed by the now-defunct Boss Key Productions and directed by Bleszinski, LawBreakers is remembered for its mostly positive critical reception despite its low player count, leading to its shutdown just one year after its release.

Bleszinski's recent tweets have brought the issue to the spotlight, with the game designer expressing his willingness to consult on any potential revival should Nexon decide to open the negotiations. After the game's poor sales, Boss Key released a statement blaming the lack of funds necessary to sustain the game and revealing they had considered changing it to a free-to-play model. However, despite this, the title still folded mere months later. 

Bleszinski himself has expressed confusion over the swell of support for a potential LawBreakers revival since its original release was largely unsuccessful. He writes in a tweet: “It confuses the hell out of me how people were rooting for the game to fail, and when it did, now there’s a ton of support for it. Gamers are weird, yo."

In conclusion, many fans of Bleszinski's work are hoping for a revival of LawBreakers, and a response from Nexon may go a long way toward making that happen. For now, we await Nexon's response to Bleszinski's plea and hope that LawBreakers will be brought back in some form or another. Whether this happens or not, Bleszinski's work will stand as a testament to what can be achieved in the gaming industry.

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