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Chromecast Can Run Android 11 Via a Hack


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Formally, Chromecast and Android 11 are too far from working as a duo. However, you can install the newer version of the OS thanks to a lifehack.

The proof that Android 11 would show up on the Chromecast with Google TV exists thanks to…  LineageOS 18.1. Recently, it migrated to the streaming “budget gadget” dubbed Walmart Onn. The updated gizmo worked successfully, and it’s Chromecast’s turn, it seems.

However, if you want to update your dongle, you should be warned: the update won’t be official. This may turn out rather undesirable if the warranty plus for your Chromecast hasn’t expired yet.

As some Android-dedicated communities report, Chromecast gadgets produced before December 2020 can be updated to Android 11 with a bootloader unlock method — check GitHub for more information

Basically, you’ll install LineageOS 18.1, which technically is Android 11. However, this strategy may not be acceptable to some users. 

First, you’ll have to fiddle with a number of utilities and follow instructions to get the update. If you’re rather unfamiliar with the process of phone augmentations, this might be rather a brain-bending task for you.

Second, Lineage OS is officially unofficial. It presents itself as “A free and open-source operating system for various devices, based on the Android mobile platform.” 

But despite the number of updates, it’s relatively new, has a limited repertoire of supported devices and safety features, as well as a moderate following of 2.8 million users. At the same time, you can check its GitHub repository, as it’s an open source project.

Is It Worth It

Unless you have a manic passion for phone customization and know the ins and outs of Android’s anatomy, we recommend skipping this method of updating. Would you really like to upgrade your Chromecast to Android 11? Share your opinion! 

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