Oliver Mitchell

Call Status in Android 12 Gets More Informative


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One addition that is probably to come in the next betas of Android 12 is something you first don’t think about, then can’t live without. It’s the reviewed status bar that Android phones display during the call, and now it gets the feature you will soon love. That is, it will display the duration of the call in real time. The indicator appears in the notification bar, near the system clock, in a colored area with a phone receiver shown near the numbers.

The new feature is not active in the current Android 12 Beta yet. Nevertheless, it only takes an update of Google Phone app for it to work. The code of the current version is already supporting this, having all the necessary components. It’s not announced yet when to expect the new app with these (and probably more) innovations.

Along with this minor yet significant improvement, the overall appearance of Android 12 is about to change. The new look is defined by new home screen widgets, dynamic themes, and other little things that form a new sort of experience. In addition, Google focuses on privacy and security in this version. So far, it’s available for a limited number of devices, and stable work is not guaranteed. But new discoveries probably are.

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