Hilary Giorgi

Blackmail Attempt on S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 Developers: GSC Game World Targeted by Hackers


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GSC Game World, the Ukrainian studio developing S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2: Heart of Chornobyl, has been hacked and is being threatened with blackmail, according to a statement released on Twitter Sunday night, sparking shock within the gaming community across the world as they wait to see what will happen next in this saga of cybercrime and espionage against a beloved game development team.

The hackers have reportedly demanded an apology from GSC Game World for their actions towards players in Belarus and Russia, unbanning an account from Discord, and localizing S .T .A .L .K .E . R 2 in Russian - which may be difficult due to only having voice audio available in English and Ukrainian but would offer subtitles in Russian if successful - by March 15th or else face further consequences potentially including releasing confidential story details about the upcoming game.

GSC Game World has been enduring constant cyberattacks for more than a year now, according to their statement made public Sunday evening, consisting not just of hacks but also accusations of blackmail, aggression attempts against players and fans alike, as well as efforts designed to damage both their reputation and development process too.

It remains unclear how exactly GSC plans to respond to these threats. However, it appears that they are unwilling to adhere to any demands made by the hackers at this time which could lead us into dangerous territory depending upon how far they are willing to take this malicious endeavor against one of gaming’s most beloved studios.

In conclusion, while we wait with bated breath at what will become of this situation, hopefully, justice prevails through either legal action or potential support provided by other members of the wider gaming community so that such attempts can be thwarted before reaching fruition again another day.

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