Emily Irish

Battlefield 2042's Upcoming Release of Update 5.2


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The update is set to feature a redesign of the "Hourglass map," promising enhanced line of sight, "combat encounters," and detours due to a reduction in size. Moreover, complete combat equipment from SMG and LMG storage will be included. Additionally, squad management will be improved, due to enhanced squad orders, along with improved ammunition crates and dispersion settings for SMG and LMG.

The rationale for downsizing the "Hourglass" map is to maintain concentration on the combat while providing more chances for self-protection via extra cover. The team is excited for you to experience this game update, which addresses more of the feedback we eagerly acknowledged. We're thrilled for you to try it out. 

The update also encompasses a variety of enhancements, such as eliminating consistent audio problems, enhancing soldier AI, and amending Battlefield portal settings. The comprehensive list is available on the Battlefield 2042 website.

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