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Battlefield 2042 to Finally Introduce the Scoreboard and a Season


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The story of Battlefield 2042 release is a real tragedy of mistakes. Being released in a very buggy state, the game disappointed its fan and became even less popular than its still active predecessors. Now, the developers are preparing a patch that fixes one of the biggest mistakes: the absence of the scoreboard.

Not that it was the only mistake by Dice and EA. Bugs that impacted the performance should have been addressed before the release. Yes, it’s quite a common story to release a game and fix it long after. But right after the release, the game received only fixes and almost no new content.

It may be the lack of content that has deterred many players from staying with Battlefield 2042. Given that the game is paid and not the cheapest, this means that many players bought it, played for a while, and got too disappointed to stay with it. This disappointment is hard to reverse, but now the developers are about to do something with it. The first update that really changes something in the game is adding the scoreboard. It’s strange now to see Battlefield 2042 released without it, given that it’s a multiplayer game where players come to compete and try to outdo each other in real-time.

Another addition that Battlefield 2042 lacked but will soon receive is its first season. In multiplayer games, seasons mean new characters, cosmetics, maps, maybe even mechanics. The beginning of the season, though, is set for summer 2022 or even later. Not the best way to attract players who will discover lots of other games by that date. Still, better late than level.

Have you already bought Battlefield 2042 or played it under EA Play? Do you share the common disappointment about the game, or was there something likable about it for you? Welcome to the comment and let’s share your opinion: we don’t have a scoreboard, so no one has to win.

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