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Apex Legends Season 20: Escape Update Unveils New Progression System, Map, and Legends


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Apex Legends Season 20, titled "Escape," is set to launch in the upcoming week, and both EA and the developers, Respawn/Respawn Vancouver, have unveiled the components of this new update. This season will not introduce a fresh Legend; instead, Respawn is shaking things up by incorporating a novel progression system within the game. This system enables each Legend to access four enhancements during a match, which can either boost their current skills or bestow entirely new ones upon them. Additionally, the way armor upgrades are obtained has been transformed; they are now integrated into the new progression mechanism rather than being found as loot. Before diving into further details, you can watch the Apex Legends: Escape trailer below.

New Features and Updates

Beyond the progression system, an exciting new map called Thunderdome is being introduced to the Mixtape series. Respawn has provided some insights into it...

"Thunderdome makes its debut in Mixtape as the ultimate arena for entertainment on the Frontier. Reimagined with daring modifications to spotlight Legends from across the Outlands and beyond, the Mixtape Playlist featuring Gun Run, Team Deathmatch, and Control welcomes new POIs for players."

Additionally, the update will introduce several limited-time events, such as Straight Shot, a condensed 30-player battle royale designed for rapid engagement.

"Straight Shot delivers an exhilarating, short-duration adventure with 10 teams plunged into designated Points of Interest, encircled by an arsenal of ready-to-use weapons and opponents anxious for battle. The pace is accelerated with quicker ring changes, no Jumpmasters, a compact map, and the option for players to re-enter the queue directly after a match without returning to the lobby."

Naturally, the update includes the typical battle passes and fresh cosmetic items, alongside making select Legends available for free this season. Players can permanently unlock these characters, which include Fuse, Seer, Rampart, Mad Maggie, Loba, and Valkyrie, by completing specific challenges. Additionally, as an exciting update for players on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, Respawn is introducing a new mode that supports gameplay at 120fps.


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