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Apex Legends hold A Collection Event for Its Third Anniversary Event


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It is the third anniversary of Respawn's Apex Legends and it is being celebrated in style. Apex Legends season 12 has officially begun, and it will be introducing a new legend, improvements to Olympus, as well as a limited-time mode.

But that isn't all, there seem to be more exciting things to be expected at its third-anniversary collection Event that is already underway and will last until March 1.

This year, Respawn will be going big with a full reward tracker with 12 community-produced cosmetics, as well as new skins for Octane and Wraith, as well as charms, gun skins, holosprays, and more. And that isn't all, there are more anniversary-styled Apex Packages to unlock, as well as a total of four badges to collect. 

The major draw of the Third Anniversary Event is a collection of 24 new cosmetics, and most are based on the skins which fans loved on other characters, branded "Squad Skins" by Respawn. After obtaining all the newly released cosmetics, you will be awarded the Bloodhound Prestige Skin, this is the first new Apex Legends skin to be revealed. 

And Tier 1 is the starting point for the new Prestige Skin, and it progresses to Tiers 2 and Tiers 3 as you complete different tasks, and each tier brings with it a new graphic update. The last tier also has a "Piercing Plasma" execution. You can gain more from this third anniversary by taking advantage of some of the sales which will be offered at the event store and it will keep changing till the end of the event on March 1. The sales will include some of the squad skins and gun skins mentioned in the article. And remember to log in every week so you can get the login bonus. 

How have you been enjoying this third-anniversary event by Respawn? Please share your impressions with us in the comment section below.

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