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Apex Legends' Double Take Collection Event Brings Major Changes to Season 21


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The Apex Legends community is abuzz as EA and Respawn Entertainment unveil the patch notes for the Double Take Collection Event, dropping on June 25, 2024. This mid-season patch brings substantial updates to the title, altering its deeply ingrained mechanics and revitalizing gameplay. As the first event of Season 21, known as Upheaval, these changes mean big adjustments for players to master. With a new legend named Alter shaking up the game, anticipation is high for the new strategies and playstyles that will emerge.

The most intriguing addition is the introduction of Quads mode, allowing squads of four instead of three legends. This fundamental change will drastically impact team dynamics and combat tactics. Alongside this, several weapon buffs and nerfs are set to modulate the current meta. For instance, the G7 Scout receives both damage and fire rate enhancements, making it a more formidable choice. Conversely, the Havoc Rifle sees a reduction in magazine size, pushing players to be more precise with their shots, thus adding a layer of challenge and strategy.

In the realm of legend changes, Bloodhound faces one of the most significant overhauls with the removal of their ability to see through smoke and gas. This alteration is poised to greatly affect the overall meta, as Bloodhound has been a staple in many team compositions. Bangalore's smoke will also see a modification whereby players within it will have a white silhouette visible within 20 meters. Crypto, Revenant, and Pathfinder also get interesting ability tweaks that could shift how battles unfold during intense skirmishes.

The ranked mode has not been overlooked, seeing various adjustments to entry costs and points calculations, making it more accessible and friendly to players across different skill levels. This is a welcomed change for those who find climbing ranks a daunting task. Finally, along with bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements, the developers have ensured that the gaming experience remains smooth and engaging. The focus on balancing and optimization shows a commitment to maintaining an enjoyable environment for all players.

Overall, the Double Take Collection Event in Apex Legends' Season 21 represents a bold step towards evolving the game. The changes introduced challenge both veteran players and newcomers to adapt and find new strategies, promising a refreshed and exciting experience. Whether through embracing the new Quads mode, mastering the buffed weapons, or navigating the updated abilities of their favorite legends, players have much to look forward to. These updates highlight EA and Respawn's dedication to keeping Apex Legends dynamic and ever-evolving, ensuring it remains a top-tier Battle Royale title.

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