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Android 12 Offers New Color Palette


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You can customize your device with the new color palette available on the Android 12 system. This is another feature offered for Android 12 users: the color palette will be fitting the wallpaper colors. If you don’t want to waste your time picking colors and experimenting with styles on your phone, you may want to try this new feature.

Some users have already checked it using the beta version of the new system. You may pick one of the wallpapers that Google has. After that, you need to enable the feature called “Themed icons.” Tap it, and your icons will match the style of wallpapers. The search field will also have the new color on the background, as well as many other services, including Quick Tiles. The feature must be enabled to work.

If you believe that multi-colored classic icons are not that bad, you may leave them untouched. Remember that some wallpapers can be gloomy. In this case, you will receive dark icons.

Step-by-Step Instruction

Here is what you need to do if you want to change the color palette:

  • you have to press for several seconds on your home screen without any icons until you see the pop-up menu;
  • pick the option “Wallpaper & Style”;
  • now you can pick “Change wallpaper”;
  • choose one of the categories you like on the Wallpaper screen and pick the image. You can always select one of your photos from “My photos”;
  • the service will show you how the image will look like on your screen. If you like the preview, you can agree on it. There is also a preview for the lock screen, and you can toggle between them by taping one of the two buttons below. If you like what you see, press the check icon in the right corner at the bottom. If you don’t, you can try other wallpapers.

Experiment With Styles

You can choose different combinations until you like something. The wide range of options that Google provides allows you to change wallpapers as many times as you want. Once you pick the picture, check out the new color palette on Android 12.

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