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Adds Tap to Pay Support to Its Apps


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PayPal is empowering its users and says it plans to provide support for Apple’s Tap to Pay technology soon. It means it’ll be possible to make payments through the PayPal and Venmo mobile apps without third-party devices such as card readers.

US PayPal users, both clients and merchants will be able to appreciate the collaboration of this payment platform with Apple fully. Through the use of the proprietary Tap to Pay feature, PayPal card holders will be able to make contactless payments (using NFC). Such a transaction can be carried out using both iPhone and Apple Watch. It frees merchants from having to use card readers and other third-party devices. At the same time, the information exchanged between gadgets is encrypted, which ensures maximum security for the parties.

Apple introduced this technology at the beginning of the year. It simplifies the payment process for both parties. A buyer just needs to bring their device to a seller’s smartphone to activate Tap to Pay and pay for purchases. Integration with PayPal can be considered as a response of the payment platform to the introduction of support for non-contact payments in Square (one of the main competitors). Despite the official announcement of this collaboration, the launch date of this tool has not been announced.

By the way, this planned innovation means that the Apple Pay payment method will appear even in those marketplaces and stores that use the company’s unbranded checkout options in their work. PayPal also promised that owners of portable Apple devices would be able to add cards of this service, as well as Venmo, to Apple Wallet. Again, the date of this event remains unknown.

This collaboration between Apple and PayPal makes online shopping and contactless payments more accessible. Do you use Tap to Pay technology? What do you think about news as a merchant?

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