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Activision In-House Studio Prepares a New Call of Duty Mobile Title


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Call of Duty: Mobile became one of the most successful mobile games ever right after launch. No wonder Activision wants to strike the lead while it’s hot, and soon we are to witness another Call of Duty Mobile title. At least, so do hint various jobs listed on “Now Hiring” Activision site. They all mention a new mobile game studio for which the new untitled yet CoDM installment will be the first serious project.

Having an in-house studio, based in Santa Monica, for one project seems too much. Even it’s planned to evolve and prosper for a long period, being constantly updated and remade within its lifespan, there will probably be more titles. Well, we may suppose the new CoD title will be different enough from the Call of Duty: Mobile we know, so the two projects can coexist. But what else?

Well, Warcraft. There have been hints about Warcraft going mobile, with more than one title in production already. This universe can develop various sorts of games, from PvP strategies and RPG to puzzles, so it can alone provide a large studio with jobs. As for other games by Activision, including Crash Bandicoot, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, or Skylanders, their mobile incarnations are already here, developed by other studios. So chances are Activision Mobile Games will focus on these two franchises.

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