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A Witcher Game Is Coming to Mobile Soon


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A mobile game based on Witcher’s story and universe will come to mobile platforms in the nearest future. It’s already been soft-tested in some countries.

CD Projekt Red has officially confirmed that The Witcher: Monster Slayer mobile game will premier next summer. 

As the studio’s CFO Piotr Nielubowicz reports, the game has already seen some field-tests in a few countries. The developers read the comments, took notes, fixed bugs and now the polish the final release version of the game.

According to the promo screenshots, the game is based on augmented reality mechanics. You will play as a witcher — probably you’ll be able to customize his persona — exploring the real world around you. 

Perhaps, you’ll be tasked to fulfill monster-hunt contracts, as some of the gameplay leaks show that you’ll encounter various types of demonic creatures: ghouls, vurdalaks, noonwraiths, wyverns, deer-headed people, and so on.

The release date wasn’t specified, though. All you can do is to sign up for the game in advance. Go to the CD Project Red official website and click the red button, which says “Register”. And here you can check the official gameplay trailer.

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