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Ultimate Guide to Obtaining the Hoodie in Sons of the Forest


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Sons of the Forest is a survival game that tests players' ability to adapt to varying environmental conditions. One way to stay warm and maintain optimal stamina is by sporting the right clothing, such as the Hoodie. This guide will take you through the steps to acquire the Hoodie in Sons of the Forest, ensuring you're well-equipped to handle the cold.

Prepare for the Journey

Prepare for the Journey

Before you set out to find the elusive Hoodie, make sure you have the necessary equipment and supplies to survive the journey. Stock up on food, water, and weapons to protect yourself from dangerous wildlife and cannibals you may encounter along the way. Don't forget to bring a map or compass to help you navigate the island.

Head to the West Side of the Island

The Hoodie can be found in cannibal camps on the western side of the island. Two confirmed locations where the Hoodie may spawn are the northwest cannibal camp near the grave and Shotgun and the camp near the Shovel cave. Be prepared to face an onslaught of cannibals in both locations before you can claim the coveted garment.

Defeat the Cannibals

Defeat the Cannibals

Whichever location you choose to explore, don't forget to bring your best weapons and gear to fend off the cannibals. Consider the size of these camps when planning your strategy; the northwest camp is larger and will have more cannibals, while the one near the Shovel cave is smaller and less populated. Be prepared to engage in combat or use stealth tactics to eliminate the enemies and clear the path to the Hoodie.

Locate the Hoodie

Once you've successfully cleared the cannibal camps, it's time to find the Hoodie. In the northwest camp, search for the hoodie under one of the tents, near a mattress. This area is also a potential spawn point for the Knight V motor-powered unicycle, another valuable item to obtain. If you choose to explore the camp near the Shovel cave, follow the dirt path alongside the stream to reach the camp and look for the Hoodie in one of the tents.

Alternative Spawns and Exploration

Alternative Spawns and Exploration

Suppose you cannot find the Hoodie in any of the two mentioned locations, worry not! It's possible that the Hoodie may spawn in other cannibal camps scattered across the island. As you continue your journey in Sons of the Forest, keep an eye out for any additional camps and explore them to increase your chances of finding this essential clothing item.


The Hoodie is a valuable asset in Sons of the Forest, providing medium protection from the cold and improving stamina recovery. By following this guide, you'll be well on your way to obtaining it and ensuring your survival in the brutal conditions of the island. Stay vigilant, and good luck on your quest!

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